>Revisiting the Past… Invigorating the Present


I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Levere Memorial Temple of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on the campus of Northwestern University. This is the current headquarters of the fraternity of SAE. It not only  holds administrative offices, but also contains many of the artifacts and treasures of the fraternity.
I, being a Neophyte within the fraternity, had particular interest in seeing what all this memorial had to offer. I have been through pledging, I have read the Phoenix, and I have learned much of the history of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on my own time, but to see the history in front of my own two eyes seemed worthwhile.

(William Colin ‘Billy’ Levere)

The tour of the Temple began with the man after whom it is named: William Collin ‘Billy’ Levere. Billy Levere served as  Eminent Supreme Archon and Eminent Supreme Recorder. He also published multiple important documents regarding the history of SAE. From the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave, you are reminded of all the amazing things that one man did to expand the efforts of a national organization. It is this reminder of individual potential that inspires both brothers and non-affiliates alike.

(First recorded minutes of Sigma Alpha Epsilon)

The entire memorial demonstrates a respect for the past and a heart for the future. One of the most interesting parts of the memorial was the library. Within this one area, there are numerous documents which retain the rich history of SAE. Adjacent to this large room lies the office of the current ESR, Steven K. Priepke. A combination of past and present that would seemingly clash is surprisingly a harmonious union of parts. Only with an understanding of the past can one truly move forward successfully. Naturally, it is sensible that the Eminent Supreme Recorder would be surrounded by the history of the organization that he wishes to advance.

My visit was a refreshing one. It rekindled the zeal with which I strive to serve my brothers and all who I come into contact with. Despite the fact that I am a part of the brotherhood that is Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I find it difficult to believe that a walk through this beautiful facility would not inspire all who walk through its lions. I know that it certainly did for me. I left the Levere Memorial Temple with the words of “The True Gentleman” echoing in my thoughts…


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