>Chicagans? Chicaganites? Chicagonians?


 Today I had the opportunity to visit the city of Chicago, Illinois with some of my friends (one of which had never been to ‘the North’ before). To say the least, it was an interesting experience. I visited some of the traditional tourist attractions and saw others like me with their DSLRs and $1 disposables in hand ready to capture anything that screamed city life. I mixed with the locals and stepped in their shoes for a while. I saw happiness, sadness, extravagance, and poverty.

One of the things that struck me most about the city was a feeling of business which was not consumed by chaos. When others imagine big cities they often think of hectic splatters of commuters and no organization whatsoever. This was surprisingly not the case.

(Photo taken by B. Julian)

Yet another surprise was that, for the most part, the locals seemed unusually tranquil. Being a Monday, I expected to see people rushing everywhere they went. On the contrary, there was a good number of citizens leisurely strolling to their destinations.

For tourists who are looking forward to shopping in Chicago, I have good news for you. All my time spent in a store, even a clothing store just for women, was time well spent. My favorite find was a pipe/tobacco shop called Iwan Ries & Co. One of my hobbies is buying lighters from every major city that I visit. When I went into this store, I was surrounded by sophistication and pleasant conversation. Agreeable assistance immediately welcomed me and provided convenient service to locals and tourists alike. I made my purchase, leaving with a desire to stay and enjoy the company of everyone I encountered. Similar quality of service was available at all of the stores that I ventured into.

Overall, my trip to Chicago was a very pleasant one. I would recommend such a visit to anyone. Chicago has something for all personalities. Even if all you want to do is nothing, it provides plenty of venues for doing just that. I’ll not list things to do… the Internet exists. I would almost be inclined to say that going without any planned events would be the most enjoyable way to experience Chicago. Take the trip, talk to the locals, ask them what is fun. I did that, and received suggestions from friendly encounters without hesitation. Grab your ticket and go.


4 thoughts on “>Chicagans? Chicaganites? Chicagonians?

  1. >Did you really go downtownand not take photo of Harpo Studios and Oprah? The photos were great. Those TOMS look very good, especially since they are old. It's the talented photgrapher of course. Skyline is very impressive. Not as hectic as Dallas I guess?

  2. >No, Dallas is a bit more hectic. The setting is not exactly the same though, so I'm not sure that it's all that comparable. Thanks for the compliments on the photos… I actually didn't take as many as I expected to. PS: Try not to post any private/personal information in this blog, as it is public.

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