Yesterday our power went out right before I was going to write my new “Today I…” post. So, Today I write about yesterday.

Yesterday I…

Woke up 2 hours after falling asleep. Nightmares. Wrecked my moms car in the nightmare. Went back to sleep. First alarm at 6:00 am. Snooze. Second alarm, 6:20. Snooze. Set my alarm for 6:40. Wake up at 6:30 worried that I had overslept. Went back to sleep for 10 minutes. Got up. Got dressed. Wrinkled clothes. Old Pop-Tart for breakfast. Drove to work. Hit a squirrel. Remembered shooting squirrels with a blow dart gun at college. Kept driving. Arrived at work. Clocked in. Got a latte. Drank the latte in 5 minutes and wanted more. Mixed a latte with coffee. Pretty amazing stuff. Started working. Went to lunch. Lunch wasn’t lunch, it was me dropping off a prescription. Came back to work without eating because lunch only lasts 30 minutes. Got hated on by one of my co-workers. Put them in their place. Kept working till 4 without food. Got off work. Wanted to go to Dicks Sporting Goods. Wanted to go take photos of a tennis match. Had no gas in the car. Didn’t do either. Still no gas in the car. Picked up my prescription. Started driving home. Almost empty. Pulled into a gas station and put $20 in. I’m a broke college kid. Got momentarily depressed at how little money I have. Payed for the gas. Shed a tear inside. Drove home. Took a nap. Dreamed about buying hats in Japan. Dad was there. Ordered a pizza. Went to pick up the pizza. Wore Sperrys scrubs and a hoodie. Looked retarded walking into the pizza place. Commanded respect and nothing was said. Got in the car with my pizza and drove home. Ate the pizza. Watched TV. Nothing was on. House came on.  Didn’t have the channel that House came on. Frustration. Extreme Frustration. Ate more pizza. Texted Brittney. Missed her. Missed DJ. Missed SAE. Shook it off. Cleaned out mom’s car. Started cleaning out Dan’s car. Lost power. Completely. Went inside to write in my blog. Remembered that losing power means losing internet connection. Frustration. Edited photos. Got bored. Took some meds. Went to sleep.


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