Smörgåsbord Of Thoughts

I have many things that I would like to talk about. Due to the brevity of each of the topics on my mind, I have chosen to pack them all in one. This may seem frustrating for a reader with a specific concentration, but I would encourage you to at least browse through each topic. You may just find something that tickles your fancy.  Headings for each topic will be in bold.

Memorial Day:

The first thing I would like to do inform the general public about something. There is a difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. This appears to be obvious to most people, but for some, the concept hasn’t been explained well enough. I will assume that you don’t know for the purposes of this post. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. Veterans Day is a day of gratitudeto honor and thank all who served in the United States Armed Forces. So for future reference, when observing Memorial Day, please remember that the focus is intended to be on those who have died in service to our country. It is acceptable and understandable to recognize current members of the Armed Forces, but please realize that this day is not intended to commemorate their service. 


The second thing I would like to do is complain. Is it fair that the overwhelming majority of people in my state did not go to work today? Absolutely! I believe having Memorial Day off is a fantastic idea. With that being said- Is it fair that I had to go to work today while the overwhelming majority of people stayed home and left me bored all day? Absolutely not! 😐 In my opinion, only emergency services should be required to show up for work on national holidays. For those who do not observe those holidays, logically you should not complain about this because such a stance would give you a day off for no apparent reason. How do you feel about this?

Tropical Vacation:

Although I was not able to take this Memorial Day Monday off, I will soon receive just compensation. Two weeks from today, I will be at the beach. The sun will be shining down on me, the wind will be blowing in my face, and I will be sleeping on the sand to the sound of waves. 🙂 This is an annual trip that my family and I make during the summer. We have been going to the same place ever since I was born. Doing the math, that is about 19 years! I would like to think that we run the place, but I’m afraid I can’t quite say that. Either way, this vacation always provides much needed rest and relaxation for all who experience it. I am very excited to be counting down the days now. Two weeks from today, I will have a whole work week OF NO WORK!!!

Update on my hands:

For those of you who were concerned about my hands after Friday’s drum circle… Here is a quick look at the change.

3 Days Later

As you can see, the wounds have dried up quite a bit. I applied bandages for blisters over the last two days and recently removed them to allow the wounds to dry and heal more. It should be about two weeks before they are completely healed.

Here is the rub: before those two weeks will be up, there will be two more drum circles downtown. Do I go and risk more damage? Do I abstain and experience drumming withdrawals?

What would you recommend?

You could be the vote to change my future! Choose wisely my friends! 😉


12 thoughts on “Smörgåsbord Of Thoughts

  1. I see you’ve changed things around here… And LOOKIT mah blog is hanging out over on the right column. c: It’s so cute…

    Skylar, if you go to another drum circle before you let your hands heal, I will personally come glue your hands together. Then we’ll go to the store and buy you a drumming pad and some drumsticks so you can drum without killing yourself. Good deal?

    • Well, I actually didn’t change anything. Eyes and Ears is on both WordPress and Blogger. This one that you’ve commented on is my WordPress account. I think it is a little bit easier to organize.
      Glad to see you have seen your blog on my blogroll. It may direct people to your site occasionally. Thanks for subscribing! I’ll continue to update posts on both and All the content is the same, just different layouts and capabilities.

      So would it be bad form for me to play anyways in order to get you to come see me and glue my hands?? 🙂

  2. Ah… That makes sense. You had me severely confused for a moment, and that simply wouldn’t do.

    Yes, it would be very, very bad form. >P

    And I would have to not look at you until your hands were sufficiently glued. Every time I see those pictures I can feel my eyes start to bleed and my own fingers start to throb. Just… ich.

    bee-tee-double-yew, you should check your email. c: Toldja I’d take a few days to reply.

  3. You’re right…
    Because I don’t love you…
    That’s what my parents always say, lol.
    But on such short notice, and with so few funds (aka I am broke and have no job), I couldn’t get out to wherever-it-is-you-live.

    But “not now,” by no means, doesn’t mean “never.”
    Chin up. c: I don’t like it when you’re sad.

  4. Well I’ll have to send someone to glue your hands together for you, then. I can’t trust you to do it, nor can I trust you to save your fingers any other way. ;P

  5. BUT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you believe.
    Obviously you are not a believer.
    Or a belieber.
    A small part of my soul dies every time my sister makes me say that.

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