Siem Reap, Cambodia (only slightly biased)

Well, I fixed my camera… which means I finally had the chance to take some photos. Taking photos gets me excited! It makes me want to share my experiences and what all I have seen- the good, the bad, and all the other emotions that these images conjure up.

For those of you who don’t already know, I am in Cambodia until July 24th for an internship as part of my Intercultural Studies major requirements.  I regret not being able to say more about what I have been doing at this point. To be honest, I am not feeling well (I have a serious cold) and didn’t get any sleep last night… so there won’t be much typing involved in this post (that I expect).

So, without hesitation, here are just a few of the things I saw (within about 2 hours) while riding around Siem Reap, Cambodia.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** 

To any Cambodians reading this or seeing these pictures, please know that any “negative” images are not meant to make people think bad things about you or your country. I just want to give people a realistic look through my eyes. I LOVE YOU ALL!

2014-06-28 at 13-18-13

Local Buddhist temple within walking distance

2014-06-28 at 13-18-25 2014-06-28 at 13-19-35

People gotta have their pizza… probably some of the most “American” pizza you can find around here. It’s expensive though!

2014-06-28 at 13-20-41

Old Market is open during daytime hours and is used to sell to meet both local and tourist needs. They have everything from fresh fish and produce to T-shirts and Cambodian artwork. Prices are actually pretty good, but all foreigners get foreigner prices. You have to bargain down to get close to the local Cambodian prices. Thanks for the preparation at all the fleamarkets Papaw!
2014-06-28 at 13-21-13

Most are fake. Some are not. If they aren’t fake, they’re probably used… but hey- if the quality is good then who cares?! Beats headphones for over $100 off original store prices!

2014-06-28 at 13-21-33

Not sure where this ambulance is going, but I’m not sure it has enough equipment to be effective. Still can never hear an ambulance go by without thinking about my Dad.

2014-06-28 at 13-22-57

Pub Street- where all the tourist action happens at night. This street gets closed off to everything but foot traffic. Vendors line the streets ready to give you anything they can offer at the “cheapest” prices.
2014-06-28 at 13-23-12

Yes, for only $1-5 (depending on where you go), you too can have fish bite your feet off as part of a relaxing massage!

2014-06-28 at 13-24-09


2014-06-28 at 13-25-01

Not so exciting during the daytime…
2014-06-28 at 13-27-23

2014-06-28 at 13-28-26

Pizza and KFC… about as close to actual restaurants in the USA as you’re gonna get. I actually prefer the local Khmer food.

2014-06-28 at 13-29-55 2014-06-28 at 13-31-12

Lucky Mall… where everything is shiny and expensive… unless its not shiny- then it’s just expensive.

2014-06-28 at 13-34-58

Local hotel (most of which are actually pretty nice). This is where my Intercultural Studies professor stayed when he came to check in on us.

2014-06-28 at 13-35-18 2014-06-28 at 13-36-09

Stumbled upon this volleyball game as I was riding around. Seems to be drawing quite the crowd!

2014-06-28 at 13-36-16 2014-06-28 at 13-38-48

Probably the best player playing today. He could most likely beat any of you while wearing rolled up jeans.

2014-06-28 at 13-39-20 2014-06-28 at 13-39-24

Yes, the action does get intense. These guys play to win!

2014-06-28 at 13-40-38

Technique was really pretty great.

2014-06-28 at 13-40-40

The guy on the left spiking the ball… yeah he was the most out of shape person in the whole place, Haha UNTIL I JOINED IN!!! Surprisingly enough, the guys let me play in a game with them. I took some skin off my big toe and was bleeding all over the place, but I had fun and enjoyed my time with them. Thanks for letting me play!! You guys are great!

2014-06-28 at 13-41-02

Found some cats right beside the volleyball courts. Most of the cats here have their tails cut off- more so than the dogs even. Why? I have no idea.

2014-06-28 at 13-41-22 2014-06-28 at 13-41-29

“Got trash? Put it here…”- seems to be the general consensus for some of the local Cambodians. Many places that have been more “westernized” or “modernized” do not show this kind of uncleanliness; but for a good number, it is normal to just throw trash wherever seems fit. This pile doubled as a bathroom for many of the volleyball players.
2014-06-28 at 13-41-54

Haha 🙂 You have to love the poses for pictures! These guys were having a great time just hanging out and playing pool.


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