Appreciation and Acknowledgment

For the most part, I would consider myself to be very observant. However, the observance of what I see rarely leads to much more than a mental note in my head. This is something that I find problematic with my life. It seems somewhat heartbreaking for someone like me to see so much and not acknowledge it. Primarily, I have noticed how much of an impact this has had on my relationship with God. When I look at something truly beautiful or see an amazing talent of someone normally unnoticed, I often fail to give glory to God for those things. Instead, I shrug my shoulders and minimize the realization even if i do it subconsciously. By failing to acknowledge the blessings that God has and is giving to me every day, I fail to acknowledge how great and glorious He really is.

God has blessed me with perception- open eyes, open ears, and open heart…  I have been filled up with so much of God’s blessings and goodness but at the same time I have disregarded the need and calling to let it all out- to let God use me to bless others by acknowledging the glory of God that I see every day. In doing so, I have been unknowingly preventing myself and others from knowing more about God and more aptly worshiping Him.


This needs to change.


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