Am I the Joker?


Throughout movie, comic and tabletop history, the joker has always been the antagonist… a figure that everyone loves to hate. This seems like a relatively understandable and justified reality, but lately I have found myself doing just the opposite. I have found common ground with the Joker and can sympathize with him. What could I possibly have in common with the Joker? (Besides my outstanding sense of humor) I have been able to identify with some of the struggles that this poor man went/goes through in the majority of his acts. As the story unfolds, all of his plans become exponentially more complicated and likely to fail. This is what I have begun to see unfold in my own life.

Sometimes I am blown away by the complexity of certain aspects of life, particularly by the nature of higher education and life immediately thereafter.  I am now in my Junior year of college, almost into my Senior year. I get to the point where I feel like my time of education might just be coming to an end and I can finally say

“Look out world! Here I come!”


I am finally ready to blow everyone away with my learned skills and natural talents, but then this happens…

“Wait! What do you mean I need to get my Masters? I didn’t know this bus ride would take so long. -______- ”

So where do I plan to go after undergrad? What do I plan on doing with my life? What is God calling me to do specifically?


As of now, I am placing one foot in front of the other, chasing my diploma and whatever else people say that I need to be what God wants me to be. If it means graduate school,  that’s another few years slaving away just to be able to love on the maximum amount of people and save the maximum number lives.

Is all of this really necessary? One broad, lingering question pretty much sums it all up:



One thought on “Am I the Joker?

  1. One thing you have that not every one has is an additional hand, of only the best cards.
    I exhort you in this one thing… Cling to your purest desires for life, love, profession, ministry, travels, …etc. The ones you dreamed up before you were meshed in with “the thing to do…”, “the must haves”, “the practical and necessary plan of action”… The ones you longed for before pain and lost had ever become a reality.
    Whatever you set your hand to do will succeed.
    You are blessed and highly favor and all of heaven is cheering you on.

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