It’s Been a While

I’ve been busy. Well, I have been somewhat busy and somewhat apathetic about this whole writing thing. It seems trivial when I am in school. Between class and work, I have little free time; and what free time I get, I try to spend with my friends just hanging out. Blogging last year was done mostly when I wasn’t spending my time with my girlfriend or eating. I even substituted it for sleep because there simply wasn’t anything to do. I had no real friends besides my two best friends and the most time I spent with them were on dates and back in the dorm. Now I have friends who I hang out with, a job to go to, and classes to do work in. I just been busy.

I feel as though this decision not to blog has been somewhat disparaging to my thought process. I don’t think very critically anymore unless it is for a paper in one of my School of Religion classes. I don’t think reflectively, I don’t ponder about life, and I don’t ask serious questions for others to attempt answering. That is something I want to get back in the habit of doing. Surely, this will take some time and some getting used to due to the fact that I haven’t written here very much in a long time. I’m not even sure if half of my readers would still be interested in what I have to say. Hopefully my family (and you Dara) might enjoy seeing and reading my thoughts.

Perhaps I should incorporate this writing into my schedule on a regular basis. However, this will not always work out because my schedule is often erratic and unpredictable. I don’t know if my free time will allow this sort of writing with all of the writing and homework that I have to do. I think that I can manage to write at least twice a week, if not more. That’s my starting goal. Hopefully I can manage and stick to it.

PS: Comments are a good motivation… even if it’s just a “hey.” Naturally, I see stats, but stats are stats and not human interaction. They don’t really mean a whole lot to me in comparrison to readers engaging or responding to my thoughts.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been a While

  1. “hey”
    Just kidding.
    Your blog is always read and thoroughly enjoyed by me.
    It’s kind of like a more high tech version of the notes you would write on youth camp trips…
    Nahh, not at all. These are much better. Hahah..
    So glad you’re doing so well, give the family tons of hugs for me.

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