I miss you buddy.

This wonderful man allowed the world to love and appreciate the simple things. I have looked up to and learned from him in many ways, as he has been a silent inspiration in my personal life. This simple poem was written by Jimmy Stewart in loving memory of a long time companion.

This is something similar I wrote.
(For my dog, Wrigley)

Your breath was quick and constant;
Your heart could count the time.

You never said you loved me,
Yet you were always mine.

You’d lie up high, there in my lap;
Or down below, beside you sat.

We ran together, played together, rolled together, stayed together.

You were my friend, my love, my companion-

You were my therapist, my doctor, my guardian, my silence, my kleenex, my mentor, my guide, my trainer, my partner in crime, my wingman, my way in, my way out, my way out and about, my comforter, my blanket, my home away from home.

You were my friend, my love, my companion.

Your eyes were strong and sure.
Your heart was warm and pure.

Your legs took us everywhere,
And loved a good detour.

I’d scratch your back and give you some pats,
And you’d never leave me when we took our naps.

I miss your nose. I miss your ears.
I miss your startling, and all your fears.

I miss your wandering without cause.
I miss your fur and all four paws.

But most of all… I miss your voice.
Silent or loud, you spoke to me.

No mutts or hounds, whether bought or found,
Could ever match your love profound.

But now you’re buried in the ground
And when I call, you’re not around.

I can look and search and call all day,
But I know you haven’t run away.

I wish beside me you’d come and lay,
Or come and find me, sit and stay.

You’re not here anymore, but that’s okay.
I’ll always miss and love you anyway.

You were my friend, my love, my companion.

I Miss You.


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