To My Old Door Mat

You are severely unappreciated.
Your folds and crevasses are now worn and lumpy.
Your original crisp form is now crimped and creased.

You have been stepped on, scuffed up and sullied by the nasties of this world. You’ve been pushed into corners and trapped against walls by the harsh door you are so eternally married to. You are torn and tattered; your hairs are mangled now. You are stained by mud and drowned in water on a regular basis. Boarding restrictions do not provide you any protection from the cruelty of time and nature.

You are beaten down every day, but you have no legs to walk away. You remain. You serve all who enter into your abode and wish them well as they leave without ever acknowledging your hospitality.

Thanks for always being there for me, old friend.

I do not deserve you.


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