Your Smell Lingers (unwanted)

your smell fills my mind with disgust. it squeezes my throat till I cough, wishing to forget your revolting memory. i cant cleanse the room; i cant rid my heart of your smell.

i cant spit you out. i cant cover you up with a fine fragrance. you linger here- unwanted and relentless. my mind says ignore you, but my body cannot do so. i cant rid this place of your stench, your odor, your memory.

my face contorts into complex shapes attempting to accurately depict the disgust and disdain which is rendered by such foul breathing air. covering my face is futile. preventing breath prevents smelling your smelly smell, but preventing breath prevents life. i do not wish to live with your smell, but i do wish to live…

what a dreadful burden to bear.

you dont deserve to enter into the shelter of my nostrils. nobody deserves to smell your smell.

leave me.


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