No Harbor in the Sky

Whisked up in the winds of Spring, I am lifted.
Carried along by the leaves strung across the sky,
The breeze chills my naked cheeks.
Flying away, it reveals the warmth freely gifted by rays of sunlight.

The trees are far below me now.
Scattered bushes identify as freckles on the surface of the earth.
Fields of roses blush its fair complexion.
They hide scars left behind by rivers of tears that once streamed down its face.

Birds above are now feathered friends gliding beside me on this free journey.
Their presence is reassuring and inspiring.
Here and there, they stay long enough only to wish me well.
They grace me with fluttering ecstasies then return to their private endeavors.

Tossed into the dense heart of the clouds, my hasty breath is kindly taken from me.
Moisture collects and nestles on my neck and hands.
Swimming in the air is much less involved.
Resistance gives way to my flailing arms.

The need to breathe is present no more.
I am prostrate to nothing and feel the absence of pressure.
Released, I relinquish my worries.
The backstroke is better here in the sea of blue.

Breathe easy.

Float along and make land where you may.
I will remain without direction in this one-man vessel.
My harbor is no longer necessary.
I will not be tied down.

I am sailing free.


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