Random Ramblings of Creative Thought.

Sucked into an endless vortex of empty space. Nothing to grab on to, nothing to slow you down. Inertia uninhibited. Pulled onward by an unstoppable force in seemingly no direction. The comfort of sound does not grace your ears or soothe your terror.  You feel no touch reaching out for you. You see no structure, no form, no concept or idea to reassure you that wherever you are going is indeed out there. Led blindly by an invisible guide to a place unknown.

To kick, to scream, to wail to cry- these are all viable options; all of these are yet futile. You struggle against an unseen oppressor. You fight an untouchable torment. Acceptance- this is truly profitable. Immediate fear and lasting pain… Ultimate peace and total knowledge in uncertainty.

Close your eyes and go.


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