Nobody Around- #Boredom

Well, I came back from fall break (early). This was a pretty stupid idea, considering everyone was on fall break just like I was. Right now, they are out squeezing the last rays of sun from the fall break weekend, and guess where I’m at…. That’s right. I’m back at the dorm. Do you know who else is at the dorm?


So I am here by myself, and I am super bored. What can I do to make the time pass by? Take some photos, of course! Ooh ooh, and then I can post them on my blog and write about it! Yeah! That’ll pass the time!

Since I can’t play pool by myself very well, I decided to play around with the pool accessories to see if anything I saw would make a good photo. Some shots failed. Some turned out making me smile. Here they are:

With the exception of cropping and one B&W edit, the photos are all as they were taken. Hope you enjoyed looking at them. I love how the table itself and all of the balls are all worn out. The dents in the cue ball makes it look like craters in the moon. Pretty cool eh?
That took 30 minutes off the clock. I suppose I’ll StumbleUpon now.

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