First Shots With Canon T50

Ok, so I went out and bought some film for my new old Canon T50 SLR. I decided that it would be cool to just shoot B&W shots, although I tried color and they turned out great. Something just feels natural about shooting B&W with a film camera.

My first roll was a test roll, I was more focused on checking the settings and how my own aperture settings compared to the automatic settings. To my delight, all of the photos that I shot came out better with my settings than they did with automatic settings. Check them out below!

*The first shots of each image were taken with my own settings and the second is with automatic settings*

Let me know what you think! (keep in mind, this was a test roll- the content wasn’t all that important to me)

There are more photos, but it takes forever to upload them manually so that they stay in order. I got tired of uploading them. The majority of the others are landscape photos.

You get the picture. 😉

Love yall,



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