Hooray for Photo Posts!

Just photos *except for this introduction*

Feedback is great… just sayin.


2 thoughts on “Hooray for Photo Posts!

  1. I really enjoy the use of light in these pictures, especially the close-ups of the flowers. Overall, they were great. I challenge you to try new perspectives and working to publish raw un-edited photos, pushing your in the moment knowledge. Great job!

    • @Anonymous- thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. I have heard before that my photos have a similar feel to them and I suppose that was a description of the perspective. It’s good that you have pointed that out. I haven’t been through any classes or teaching or internships for my photography, so I am building from scratch here. I think when I can finally take time to get proper training, those sources will help/force me to change or reevaluate my perspectives.

      Also, if you read my latest post, you know that I recently came into an old Canon T50 film camera. I will be posting some of my work from that camera which will be unedited. I look forward to doing so.

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