Early Weekend!

Today shall be a day of celebration, for today is Thursday! Two cheers for Thursday!

HIP HIP! Thursday!!!

HIP HIP! Thursday!!!

“What is so special about Thursday?”- you

Well, quite simply, it is not Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of this week. The days preceding today have been difficult, busy, and exhausting. This is partially my fault, but for the most part, it had to be that way. I wasn’t able to sleep at any sufficient length, nor was I able to sleep consistently on any regular pattern. The only regularity this week was the irregularity of my sleep schedule.

In addition to not getting any sleep, I had a great number of projects to complete for class this week. Yes, class singluar. I have had an extensive amount of assignments due lately, and they all seem to be sprouting up like weeds from the exact same class. I do not mind working on assignments at all. In fact, I can take recognizable pleasure in completing tasks for school. I tend to get frustrated, however, whenever all of my tasks are being given from one task master. The one redeeming factor about this task master is his naiveté regarding his task master status. I believe he simply does not possess an understanding of the difficulty and stress which he assigns to each of his students.

Thankfully, I was able to complete all that was asked of me this week, and I turn the biggest of these assignments in today. This fact is a large portion of why this Thursday begins a long celebration. Another reason for celebration lies in the planned agenda for today… there is none. This is a wonderful feeling, which should be absorbed, regurgitated and reabsorbed. I plan to do just that. Immediately after my first class, I plan on proceeding to chapel for a time of worship and relaxation in God’s presence. After basking in His glory and providence, I plan on basking in the comfort and warmth of my bed. Sleep is a blessing I have not received often this week, so I fully intend on making up for its absence this morning/evening/night.

Yet another reason for celebration will be a new one to most of my readers. I and another have been planting a great deal of seeds lately. Much to our delight, we are now seeing sprouts of desire and promise spring up from our little love garden. Yes, indeed, we are growing a relationship. It is my full expectation to reap a beautiful full relationship that is cared for and nourished by the Son daily. With the great amount of care that we are giving to its fruition, combined with the light and warmth of God, and fed by the rain of the Holy Spirit, I believe we will see nothing less than beauty spring forth in the fullness of its development in time.

I would give you her name, but I wish not to embarrass her… possibly in the future. I must first see how well she takes being written about.  🙂

In addition to these, there are still more reasons for celebration today. Yesterday was Wednesday; today is Thursday. Yesterday, my entire floor was supposed to play poker as part of our regular schedules. Yesterday, we did no such thing. Today, Thursday, we have promised each other that we would make up for what we missed yesterday. Indeed, there will be much poker playing this night. Tonight, we feast in the presence of brotherhood!

Thursday, the day before Friday, which is the beginning of the weekend, deserves celebration. I shall not let it be ignored. Its beauty will not go unnoticed.


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