A Few Good Flaws

Today as I was walking to class, I had this thought: I don’t blog enough. Everyone that I have spoken to enjoys my blog and the topics that I discuss. In fact, my readers often ask me to post more and question me relentlessly about when I will write again. I can no longer use the excuse that I have no time to blog. This semester has been one of the more relaxed periods in my life, and I find myself doing a whole lot of nothing the majority of the time.

I have critically analyzed my blog and found a few good flaws about it. To start off with, I am inconsistent in how often I post. I typically go weeks without a post and then all of a sudden come up with two or three great thoughts within a few days. I believe that if I were to get into a regimented blogging schedule, I would be more likely to put out interesting work more consistently.

The second good flaw that I have discovered about my blog involves my reasons for posting. When looking back to the beginning, the months in which my blog was just a babe, I wrote constantly and did so about pretty much anything and everything. My life did not need to give me interesting things to talk about; I found interesting things already occurring in my life and simply wrote them down. I have found myself blogging lately only when significant events happen in my seemingly mundane daily life. This should not be how my blogging is operated. Significant events happen every day and I need to start paying attention. The same thing could apply to my photography.

“There’s just nothing around here to take pictures of!”

Have you ever said that? I know I do all the time. This is a pathetic statement. I might as well just be saying:

“I have lost all of my creative intuition.”

A good photographer, writer, constructor, painter, sculptor, seamstress, designer, etc. will always find inspiration within their surroundings. If they can’t do that, they will find it within themselves. I must begin to get back to my roots in this regard. I need to start realizing the beauty in my life and share it with you, because frankly, my life is beautiful.

These are my goals folks: blog more, shoot more, experience beauty more, tell others about said beauty more.

Please don’t be overly critical here… I realize that those are not the only two flaws of my blog. Those are simply the two that I choose to acknowledge and tackle right now. I reserve the right, as creator and administrator, to ignore all other flaws for now.

Good day.




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