More rain…






Today we had some rain. Well, we had a lot of rain, actually. I have to say, it was quite the experience. At first, I was somewhat upset to wake up to a downpour. Hehe 😉 I walked outside (because I can’t run), hopped on my bike, and began riding off into the distance. I had gotten no further than about 10 feet when my feelings about the rain began to change. My spirits were instantly lifted as I heard the faint noise of a trolley coming my way. I skidded to a stop, hopped off, and hopped on. I would now not be extremely wet for my first class. Booyah!

After my first class was over, I decided to have a little fun. I love people watching, so I just sat under the patio and watched an endless amount of frantic people scurry in and out of the doors. Like a bunch of beaten puppies, they tucked tail and ducked for cover.  I, however, did the exact opposite. I absolutely love rain. I love seeing rain, watching rain, sitting in the rain, walking in rain, jogging in the rain, skipping in the rain, running in the rain, sing… haha nah… but you get the idea: I love rain!

After getting my fill of watching frantic frenzies, I went for a little stroll. As I wandered around, getting soaked, I came upon a little flooded area in the park. It literally looked like a miniature lake. At the epicenter of the lake lay a place to sit and stay. Wading into the water, I found a suitable place to have a seat. Amidst the high waters there was a perfectly empty bench just asking to be joined; and join it I did. Lounging surrounded by mossy oaks, I observed the intricate dances of rippling rain as it sounded its persistent rhythm on surfaces all around. Had it not been raining hard, I could have probably fallen asleep there.

Sadly, I had to go to class, but first I snagged some food form the Caf. Sticking with the wet theme of the day, I had cereal. Great meal 🙂 After a filling meal, I slipped into my psychology class dripping wet. The fun part came from hearing all of the people complain about the rain as if they were going to melt away. To add to the excitement, our topic of discussion was on dreams. I love talking about these things, partially just because I’m really interested in psychology. I got to ask my professor a little bit about sleep paralysis, which I have experienced. It was pretty cool to get a psychologist’s point of view on the matter.

After my class, I walked back to my dorm, got a shower, changed into some warm clothes, and took a nap. Pretty chill afternoon if you ask me.

Now I’m up and blogging. Gotta love it.

One Love

God’s Love



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