Information Overload

Today has been a full day:

got up early. went to church. went to brunch. ate waffles and biscuits. went home. packed. went to ingles. replaced a light bulb. drove home. got some food. got some gas. ate the food while i got my gas. kept driving. wished i had sunflower seeds. didn’t have any sunflower seeds. kept driving. got lost on a winding foggy road. loved it. kept driving. got back to school. unpacked. watched the braves win. played ping pong. left for a baseball game in chattanooga. got a ball for a little kid in front of our group. had to leave early because of rain. still left on a good note. went to b-dubs. got a butt load of food. ate it all. watched tennis. became disappointed when kirilenko lost her match in the last set. super disappointed. drove back to school. jammed to jams. got to school. car alarm went off for no reason. fixed it. went inside. car alarm went off again. annoyed. went outside. fixed it. went inside. calm. car alarm. again. ticked off. went outside again. fixed it again- left the stupid car unlocked. came inside. chilled. had tons of people around me doing everything possible. was driven crazy by everything going on at once. got annoyed. again. and now here i am…. blogging.

I’m rather thirsty. Some dude in front of me just just brought out a really good looking drink. In fact, now that I think about it, everyone around me has a drink… I have no drink šŸ˜¦ Being thirsty and having nothing to drink is a sad situation.


I miss being young. I miss being a little kid and only having to worry about who was going to be ‘it’ in tag out on the playground. I miss havingĀ teachers whose primary goal was to make us happy and secondary goal was to educate us. I miss not having drama. That was nice. Good times.

I have to go now. Tonight’s blog was pretty random. I feel like it was just a simplified mashup of my thoughts for about 5 minutes, if that. Hope it was somewhat interesting. If not, thats ok. My ego won’t deflate or anything. šŸ˜„ sniff sniff


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