First Time For Everything

Ello e-world! I haven’t been in contact with you in a long time. It is a sad situation to say the least. Not only have I been too busy to blog, but I have also been too busy to take pictures.

This Monday will begin my 3rd week at college this semester and I can actually say that I am looking forward to it. I have made some pretty good friends so far and all of my classes have been easy. They aren’t all super exciting, but they are simple and straightforward. For this, I am grateful. Basically all I have to do is follow each syllabus directly, and I will do well in the class.

To my dismay, I haven’t had the opportunity to establish any relationships with females. This is very strange and concerning to me at the moment because everywhere I go, the majority of my good friends are females. No, this does not mean that I am a homosexual or fruity. I just like girls. Yay girls!

Because I haven’t had the chance to take new photos with my DSLR, I have had to resort to messing around with my iPhone and playing with photos on Aperture. I was driving home last night and just happened to be driving through the mountains at sunset. The photographer in me simply had to pull over and take a quick pic. Here is what I managed to eek out with the iPhone:

I’d say that photo is halfway decent… I’ve never been a fan of sunspots, but I guess my abilities were limited.

Browsing the internet today, I was reminded of a program that I was once fascinated with. With my interest rekindled, I decided to give it a try-

today I Rasterbated for the very first time…..

The results were actually very pleasing!  Check out a shot of what it looked like:

I apologize for the poor photo quality. Once again, this was taken with my iPhone.

As you can see, this is an example of Rasterbation. This is a process by which one can upload a photo and then have it blown up, printed off, and assembled in order to produce a poster-like image. The ink in my printer was low, so the strips of color that are visible towards the top would normally not be there. Overall, the image turned out quite well, and I believe that after assembling one or two more of these, the alignment of each sheet would go more smoothly. The process took me about 30 minutes, and it was definitely worth while. I plan on hanging this in the common area of my dorm.

Here is the actual photo compared to the Rasterbation photo.

It was just my first time working through the process. I believe that I could have tons of fun with Rasterbation and plan on doing it more in the future. Have you Rasterbated before? Do you like it? Let me know below!


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