Old Cars, New Books

I don’t have much time to write right now, but I wanted to go ahead and get these photos uploaded before the night was over.

This past Saturday, my grandfather and I went to a local classic car show. I have always been a fan of old cars, so I eagerly accepted the invitation and took the opportuintiy to take some shots of the cars while I was there. I am not going to take the time to label what each one is individually, but if you would like to, feel free to ask questions about them in the box below. Here ya go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BTW… adding 46 photos to a post is no easy task.

Second topic on hand- New books. Just got one. Which one? The Bible. Scofield Study Bible III to be exact. I really like what I have seen from it so far. I look forward to using it and learning from it as time moves on.

Well, thats all folks! All I have time for. TTFN- Tata for now!

(Yes, I did just say that)


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