BlogPress? What?!

Well guess what folks- I’m blogging… In my car… On my iPhone. Pretty sweet huh?! I thought so too!

How am I accomplishing this great feat? Well I’m sure you can guess from the title, but I’m using the $2.99 app from the app store called BlogPress. It’s really cool because it cover multiple platforms. This means that now I can write directly to both my Blogger and WordPress accounts with one application! I can upload text, photos, videos and connect the app with my Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Now that’s what I call killing 5 birds with 3 $1 coins!

Anywho… Since I am on the road and have this amazing new tool, you people get to read all of my thoughts while I’m traveling! Geepers, I sure hope I can make this interesting. Otherwise, you will just be reading a very long blog post about a whole lot of nothing. Haha oh well!

First thought- I’m in the backseat. I have to stay here the whole trip because I don’t know where we are going (SC) and because Dan gets carsick if he is in the back and because I’m not going to make or let my mom sit in the back. That just wouldn’t be cool of me, now would it?
Now, because I am in the backseat, my legs are super cramped. This would be fine if the back of the seat in front of me would be padded- but it’s not. It’s hard plastic, which doesn’t rub well with the scar on my knee.

Second thought- this is a 5 hour road trip. I sure am glad I downloaded 80 new songs for my iTunes library last night! I wonder if I listen to each song how long it would last in relation to the trip. :/ hmm I could also watch one of the 12 movies I have on my iPhone. Too bad I don’t have Forrest Gump on here. That’s my favoritest movie of all time. I just can’t bring myself to paying the $9 to iTunes for a movie that I already own. I suppose I could use a DVD Converter to transfer it from one format to the other…. Nah- too much trouble. I’m a busy man. I don’t have time for all of that.

Third thought- my back hurts. Ehh… Not funsies. I even put a different mattress and box spring on my bed. Not all that much difference. What I need to do is set up an appointment with my chiropractor. Or just get a new spine. One of those.

Fourth thought- Everything looks better through a polarized lens. Well, except darkness, but that’s beside the point.

Fifth thought- Apple. Adobe Flash… Steve Jobs, sir, you are a moron. You have come up with some absolutely life changing products, and you nearly control half of the world of personal handheld electronics. Even after doing this, you are still a moron. I don’t care if you have a health problem, that doesn’t prevent you from being criticized or being called a moron by some no-name blogger. I think you might need to add blindness to your list of health concerns. Pretty much the largest difference in your products and other major contributors such as Samsung is the fact that they run Flash and your products do not. Don’t you see that if you fixed your disagreements with Adobe, that would completely choke out a large majority of your competition? And don’t lie to yourself- they are competition now… You’ve allowed them to earn that title. Wake up, open your eyes, and see the possibilities. Run Flash and reclaim your spot as ruler of the computer, smartphone, tablet, and music playing worlds. Please. Thanks! 🙂

Sixth thought- In celebration of National Hotdog Month, I’d like to talk about wieners. How do you like them? Plain Jane, Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, Relish, Chili, Cheese, Sauerkraut, or a combination of those? Do you like them extra long, or thick? Do you like buns or no? Let me know what you think! I’m a ketchup and mustard kinda guy. Occasionally chili and cheese. Special thanks to Oscar and Meier for giving us great meat that the whole family can enjoy!

Seventh thought- Satan called at one of the local gas station phone booths- he wants his weather back. It is 105°F here in SC! Notice that he called into a pay phone… Satan doesn’t have my number- we just happened to be stopping to get something to refresh our parched throats when he made the call.

Eighth thought- I feel like I’m writing to myself right now. I bet none of you even read past my 5th thought. Haha

Ninth thought- I think I should probably limit this post to 10 thoughts. Sadly that only leaves me one more thought- but it mist be done.

Tenth thought- I miss hanging out with all of my Ricos in CR. I can’t wait till I can go back and see everyone again. Maybe by that time my leg will be healed up well enough for me to play fútbol with them. #homeawayfromhome

I must admit a fault of mine. In my last post, I claimed that nobody in their right minds would rant about coffee. Sadly this is not true. In fact, I will now proceed to write a two sentence rant about coffee- I can’t stand it when coffee is burned! Drinking burned coffee is almost worse than drinking iced coffee. 😦

Hope you enjoyed that bonus thought!

Feel free to share yours in the little white box below!


– Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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