Let’s see…

I have been pretty busy lately. A large majority of my time has been dedicated to where I am going to go to college. I should say, where I am going to transfer to. A lot of times…

By the way, this post has absolutely no specific thoughts behind it and no intended topic. If what I say seems random, then good- I think? ANYWHO

… a lot of times when people transfer into schools, the become virtual freshmen. They don’t really know anybody, they aren’t familiar with the facilities, and they have to start fresh. This is a very sad statement. Sure, these people have to make a transition into a new area, but they shouldn’t be labeled as a freshman. The term ‘freshman’ has quite a bit of labels and assumptions that go along with it, many of which are negative. I am simply stating that I don’t look forward to being viewed as a freshman.

Has anyone ever noticed that their writing style is completely different from the way they speak? This is the case for me, and as a blogger and a student, I am not sure that I enjoy having my “professional” writing style flowing over into my blog. At times, a more professional style of writing has its benefits, but there are also advantages to writing in a more personal and interactive tone. I may try writing how I speak every once in a while.

Writing prompts… Who uses them? Who thinks they are helpful? Who thinks they are a good tool?    I am not against getting ideas from other people at all, but when it comes to writing, I just get a bad taste in my mouth when I start looking for things to write about. It is very much against being naturally inspired and can make the entire tone of a post seem scripted and impersonal. I have tried using prompts. I simply can’t manage to feel good about writing what someone else suggests writing about. The same goes for reading. I may take a look at a piece of work that one of my friends suggests, but I refuse to do so unless the subject material seems interesting to me. One of the things I hate(d) about school is the fact that I get forced into reading material that completely bores me. Sure, it turned out to be enjoyable maybe 20% of the time, but for the most part, reading in school is just annoying. I can’t stand reading anything that I don’t want to read. Perhaps this is one of my downfalls… perhaps I don’t care. No… not perhaps. I don’t care.


How about a big


to Jared Polin at froknowsphoto.com?! Yay Jared Polin. Thanks for teaching me almost everything I know about photography!

I find it humorous how hypocritical some people are… especially within my workplace. Sometimes I just want to slap some people and point out how ridiculous they sound. I really think it might do them some good, but I really think it would get me fired- so I won’t slap anyone. I need the money too desperately. Maybe whenever I get to the point where I can switch jobs I will do something drastic (but hilarious). There’s nothing like going out in style.



They’re both new to the world. “Well that’s great to know. Thanks Captain Obvious” Well here is a bit of information that you may not know. You people sound like a bunch of idiots. Talking to puppies and babies like they’re, well, babies. It is completely ridiculous! Not to mention annoying as all get out. For goodness sakes, please just talk like normal humans do. You want your kids and dogs to be the smartest in the world? Then don’t confuse them by talking to them differently than you talk to every other person in the world. It has to be confusing and cause more learning than is necessary. I can’t prove anything right now, but I would be willing to bet that children and dogs that are spoken to in a natural voice will learn quicker than those who are spoken to in a high-pitched, annoying, repetitive voice. Just sayin’.

Should I end this post with that rant, or should I talk about coffee?

Well, I have decided to end with that. Rants are more exciting than coffee, unless it’s taken with coffee. Sadly, I can’t give you coffee in the middle of a rant… just after or before. Unless I rant about coffee- and who in their right mind would rant about coffee?!




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