Today I…

Woke up early. Let my dog out. Used the bathroom. Ate pie for breakfast. Watched an old movie while checking my blogs and subscriptions. Took some pain meds. Watched an old soccer game on Telemundo. Translated the Spanish commercials because I got bored. Wondered why most Telemundo commercials have something to do with sex. Took the dog out again. Used the bathroom again. Ate a sandwich. Ate lunch with my family. Fed the dog 3 of the bones from the ribs we had. Watched more soccer. Played around on my computer. Took a nap. Used the bathroom again. Changed the blades on a riding lawnmower. Slipped and fell on the wet grass outside. Hurt my leg and arm in the process. Got slightly angry and depressed because of the pain. Took a hydrocodone. Felt better. Much better. Set up to shoot off $200 worth of fireworks. Scared my stepdad with the smallest of the fireworks. Had a relaxing time surrounded by fire and smoke. Ate a cookie. Made my bed. Packed up. Drove home. Tried to find out if my Sperry Topsiders are waterproof. Never found out. Got home. Folded some laundry. Planned on shooting my shotgun and saying it was fireworks. Got shot down by my mom (for tonight). Skyped some friends from college. Missed my friends from college. Blogged about my day. Set my alarm for tomorrow morning. Dreaded going to work tomorrow morning. Stayed up later anyways. Scratched my itchy nose. Used the bathroom again. Gave myself a massage. Couldn’t reach the parts that hurt the most. Became proud of the callouses on my hands. Thought of myself as a manly man. Got reminded of the “I am a manly man” video on Youtube. Scratched my itchy nose again. Took off all of my clothes. Was naked. Laughed at how you will respond to me saying that I am naked. Sighed as I remembered how much I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Decided I needed to shave my head again. Thought about my dad. Prayed. Wrote this post. Published this post. Went to sleep.


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