Spending money

Today I went shopping, primarily for two things. The first thing I went shopping for is fireworks. Every year my family celebrates the 4th of July together. This has been an ongoing tradition for as long as I remember. Sure, we occasionally go to the large fireworks shows in town, but nothing beats doing it ourselves. We pick out our own fireworks… this responsibility is held by me and my grandfather. Today, we went out in search of the best for less. We even had a handy little coupon that saved us $10, so we filled up our cart with all of the cool fireworks we could find. So what did the total come out to be? $200.00! Whoah… we really just spent $200.00 on fireworks! It better be a real big bang for those bucks! ūüėČ We drove away happy though, because we knew that they were sure to be good ones.

After shopping for fireworks, we went to a shoe store. My grandfather had received a pair of shoes that just wouldn’t fit, so we had to return them. As it turns out, we could exchange the pair he had for another. When looking, he decided that there wasn’t another pair that he would want, so like any cool grandfather would do, he let me pick out a pair for myself! Pretty cool huh? So I looked around and found a couple of pairs I wanted to try on. Both fit and both felt great, but only one of them were at or below the price of the original pair. Naturally, I went with those. They were a classy pair of black and grey Polo sneakers. As we went to do the exchange, he decided that he would be extra cool and offer to get the other pair for me as well! This was super cool, because they were a pair of Sperry Top-siders… and I have always wanted a pair of Sperry’s but haven’t really had the guts to get some. I guess he had the guts to get them for me though haha. They were a deal too, because they only cost around $35!

I just thought that it was funny that we spent almost 7X the money on fireworks as we did two name-brand pairs of shoes. Pretty ridiculous huh?! Oh well… it all worked out, but I mean of course I would say that. I got two new pairs of shoes and an afternoon of fun, all without spending a dime! Now I won’t say that money can show love, but I know that he did that for me just because loves seeing me happy. I’d say that’s pretty cool.



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