I Desperately Need Love

About 4 years ago, I wrote a little something on love. At this time I was a young sophomore in high school. I thought that I actually knew something about the subject. As it turns out, adolescent wisdom is not always unreliable.

The piece will follow the video I have posted below. I cannot force you to watch and listen, but I would ask sincerely that you do so. It is a song written by the Avett Brothers about love and hate. They personify both, giving them words actions and emotion. This song resonated with me because it showed me two things: 1. How often I am Hate, and 2. How much I want Love.  If I ever end up getting married, I want my love to have the qualities of Love described within these lyrics. Please, take 5 minutes to listen and hear the words to this song. Perhaps it will check you, perhaps it will motivate you. Either way, I find it quite lovely.

I desperately need love… for when I wish to pen a line, the right words cannot be written. 

But when in love, or what seems to be love, words and thoughts flow from my mind as a raging waterfall. Those without a sure grasp of terms precise may see this outpour sweetly: a stream that simply laps against the shores of their understanding; but for those who wish do dive within its waters, to explore its depths- they become completely consumed as the strength of its surge is incessant. Yes, with love, my words are a waterfall.

Love is what makes a man. Without it, he simply dust adrift on a course undetermined. He goes through life without purpose and without motive, only to settle and move no more; But with love! Love gives a man reason… it drives him to do more, to be more. It wills him to fight for something more real than himself, and something that could give form and breath to a drifting dust. Yes, with love, man is complete. Without love, man is not.

So, Love… come quickly, so that I may be fulfilled.

I am in search of love. It teases me, playing tricks on my gullible heart. I know one day that I may finally enjoy the company of love as it was meant to be. As I continue my quest, I can tread with a load that is light, knowing that I have already found Love. In reality, I did not find Love… Love found me. God found me, and I am in love.


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