Because I am stubborn and frustrated.

This post has no topic, no underlying message, and no point. I’m writing because I want to at least write something. I don’t really have the energy or the time to do so effectively, but I’m too stubborn and frustrated not to.

I got off work early for the second day in a row. Great! Right? NO.

Yesterday, I leave work to drive 3.5 hours to do a campus visit in TN, and then drive 3.5 hours back home do go to a soccer game. Long day. Today I leave work at 1:45 to go to my sports medicine doctor for surgery follow up. He tells me that I should still be in pain, and that although I am progressing well, I shouldn’t expect to be back to normal for another 4 months to a year. Fantastic news for an active young person.  I then come home, and have to leave to go get my computer fixed 30 minutes later. After that I went and worked my leg for the first real time since my surgery. Played tennis. How do I feel afterwards? Sore. I get home and my old computer doesn’t work even after I got the new charger for it. Now its 12:05 and I have to get up within 6 hours to go to work. Long day… again.

I’m upet because I haven’t had time to write like I’d like to write for the past few days. Tonight, dealing with this inability in addition to physical soreness and pain has made me less than jovial.

Perhaps tomorrow night I will be able to post the results for Experiment #3. I think I will take a few days off before I post the new experiment though. You all seem like you are a little burned out on it for now. I’ll give it a rest. I miss you. I haven’t really conversed with my readers all that much lately *other than in forums*. It is sad, and it is frustrating to not be able to post like I want to. Thanks for putting up with me.

Look for a new post about a piece of prose that I wrote a long time ago. It will be about love and what I want out of it. Cool right? yeah I know, I don’t really think so either, but I really meant it when I wrote it. I’m sure that as I rewrite it the words will mean something to me again. An Avett Brothers song will be included. I would ask that you actually listen to the song even if you don’t like the words of my own writing. The song itself is quite interesting and intrinsically lovely and true.

Well, thats all.



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