Experiment #2 Results: How Did You Do?

“Don’t judge someone based on how they look on the outside.”

– I gave you a chance to do just that.

In this study, I am attempting to either prove or disprove the statement “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Twice weekly I will post images of complete strangers. Listed below these photos will be a simple list of questions which I believe may be determined by the person’s appearance. I will ask each person to answer these questions about themselves before I post their photo

Results of Experiment #2


  1. Age

  2.  Introvert or Extrovert

  3. Cat or Dog Person

  4. Books or Movies

  5. Indoor or Outdoor Person

  6. Favorite Type of Music

  7. Athletic or Artsy Person

Correct Answers:

  1. 20

  2. Extrovert

  3. Dog Person

  4. Books

  5. Indoor Person

  6. Indie Rock

  7. Artsy

Experiment #3 will begin within the next 2 days. Check back in for your chance to win and be featured! If you missed out on last time, there will be plenty of opportunities to prove your skills.

If you have any suggestions for the questions I will be asking the people photographed, please feel free to include them in a comment below! If  they are good enough, they might just be in the next experiment!

Thanks for your participation! :)


One thought on “Experiment #2 Results: How Did You Do?

  1. So I just commented on Experiment Number 3 after finding your blog and I think I might just be good at this! (I’ve always worked in a team and I think this may be the reason)
    So if I would’ve done Experiment #2 I would’ve said:
    1) 19 – almost there!
    2) Extrovert
    3) Dog Person
    4) Books – I’m a books person, I can’t miss a book person lol
    5) Outdoor – I doubted this one but felt she could be
    6) R & B – Well, I wasn’t thinking that deep into the music genre
    7) Artsy – Drawing? It kind of projects.

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