Pleasure Amidst Pain


The image above is a photograph of the drum circle in Asheville, NC. I have enjoyed going to the drum circle for quite some time now. I play the djembe, an African drum which you can see most people are playing on the front line. It is quite an intense environment for the drummers because everyone really gets into the rhythms. One thing that makes this particular circle an interesting one is all of the dancers that show up. The drum circle is free for anyone to observe, play, or dance. What you cannot see in the photo are about 30 people dancing to the beats that we come up with. I love adding my part to the beat and I go all out with my playing. Below is an image of my drum before I started playing it and another image of my drum after one night with it.



What you see on my drum after its first use is blood. Why are their blood stains on my drum head? Well the answer is quite simple: I play till my hands bleed. Wanna see what that looks like for a djembe player? Well I’m going to show you either way! 😛

This is my hand. This is whathappens when you love drumming so much that you play non-stop for 4 hours. This is pleasure amidst pain.

“Didn’t that hurt?”  This is the question I get most often. YES it hurt! haha DUH!

“Well why did you keep playing?”

I kept playing because I love playing. Spending time at the drum circle is very enjoyable for me, and it only comes once a week. If I am going to go, I am going to beat out as much fun from those 4 hours as I can. The pain is worth it!

Are my fingers still like that right now? Absolutely. I went to the drum circle last night! Does it hurt to type? Yes, it does hurt to type; and typing with my fingers wrapped up is a very difficult task, but it is worth the effort! I love blogging too much to let some blistered fingers stop me! 🙂

Moral of the story: Sometimes you have to endure pain in order to do the things that  you love most.


2 thoughts on “Pleasure Amidst Pain

    • I do actually. It is a doundoun. I provided a link to a photo of this type of drum on the link that you provided. The one you have shown is handmade and not typically purchased for its lack of tuning capability. Most doundouns are rope-tuned.

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