Chill (defined)

C h i l l 

v. to calm down; relax. Also, chill.

adj. the state of being calm; relaxed.


In order to chill:

Inhale….. Exhale…..

Inhale….. Exhale…..

Clear your mind, focusing on nothing

Now, stop reading and do what I just said. I know you didn’t do it! You just skimmed over my instructions and kept on going. Typically, that would be ok for you to do. Right now, it isn’t.  The whole point of this post is to get you to relax. So go back and do it. Once you’ve done this for about 1 minute (because your attention span is short and I want you to keep reading this post), you may continue reading.


Feel better? You should. If you completed the steps above as described, you have successfully chilled. Congratulations!  You are now chill.

Chilling and being chill are two very important concepts that need to be  understood and practiced in today’s society. People are overly stressed.  There is too much going on all the time. Schedules are crammed till they are bursting at the seams, and people are no longer taking time to relax. This is a problem! Not only does being stressed affect the individual, it affects everyone that the individual comes into contact with. Humans play off of the emotions of those around them. Being stressed causes others to either worry, stress, or change the way they react towards you. Do yourself a favor, do me a favor, do everyone else a favor- chill.

Stress isn’t worth dealing with. Chilling is fun and removes stress. Try chilling  at least twice a day. You may find yourself smiling just a little bit more!


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