Time Isn’t Hiding!

Is it really that hard to find? Don't lie to yourself.

“It’s not that I don’t want to read my Bible… I just have to find the time to do it!”

Sound familiar? I know it does to me. Those exact words have been flippantly shoved out of my mouth many times. Why???

Answer: I am afraid of accountability, I do not want to be held responsible by the Word of God, and I do not always feel like taking the time to read the Bible.

Like it or not, this answer is not justifiable. Not only is the reasoning behind my answer embarrassing as a Christian, it is false in its main premise! I DO have the time to read my Bible. Time isn’t hiding from me! I have never not had time to sit down and read a little bit each day. I refuse to make the “I have no time” excuse my excuse for not reading God’s Word.

This has been a problem in my life. I will not accuse my readers of using this excuse. I cannot and will not judge people that I do not know about their time spent reading the Bible. Doing so would be completely illogical.

If you have, however, blamed a lack of time for your lack of commitment to God, then these are my words for you: Please do not keep yourself from being blessed by God.

God created you. God created time. The Word was, is, and will forever be God. Don’t you think that the creator of time would give you enough to spend some with Him? If you truly  desire to read His Word, you will have the time to do so. You have the time… Use it! 🙂


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