Being Seen vs. Being Me

All of the best blogging websites have a self-help section. In this section, they outline keys to success for new bloggers. Typically, they all talk about the importance of finding your niche and sticking with it. Everyone knows that the majority of blogs that are popular have a recurring theme within their blog that their readers have come to expect. Is this what all bloggers should strive for? Should bloggers restrict their content to one or two topics, or is it ok for a certain uncertainty in their subject material?

My blog is my own. In its description I clearly outline that I am “unrestricted by criteria, deadlines, expectations, or requests.” This is me. This is who I am. This is how I think. My mind has so much stirring around inside it that it is often difficult and frustrating to talk about the same things all the time.  My blog contains elements of photography, commentary, literature, and philosophy/theology. When reviewing these elements, I quickly saw how scattered my topics are. Is this a positive or negative thing? Sure, some readers like not knowing what to expect in a new blog post, but for the most part these readers are the minority. If I want to be seen all over the blogging world, it might be best to have one area of focus.

Question: Do I care? Do I want to be seen more than I want to be me?

Answer: No…. NO, NO, NO!!!!!! NO!

No. I am me. Me is unrestricted and unconfined. I Am ME. I have always been me. I will continue to be me… and I will do it for me and for you. You deserve me!

What? Have you never seen a Cheerio on a blade of grass before?!

My readers will be mine, and I will be theirs. They will know me for who I am… completely. I do not care if my pageviews or subscribers will be limited because of this. My followers are not numbers, they are people, and their opinions matter more to me than statistics.

Being Seen vs. Being me

I choose Being Me


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