Flying Colours

Capture and Spread

 This is Flying Colours-

             An alternative/rock band hailing from Nashville, TN;  Its members include twins Rob and Jay Griffith, and Taylor Hare.  Inspired by artists ranging from Coldplay to Rush to Dave Matthews Band, their music style is often unbounded by any particular genre. One moment you could be hearing soft acoustic melodies, and the next you might be blown away by high energy electric riffs. The skills demonstrated with each instrument played combined with brotherly harmony make Flying Colours a band likely to soar as it develops. Definitely worth checking out!

Taylor Hare, Rob, and Jay Griffith


Classy jams from a classy guitar

Taylor Hare's set

Jay Griffith poetry on the piano

Rob Griffith sensational vocals

Thomas Griffith singing and strumming

Taylor Hare laying down the beat

The crowd gets hyped

Rob Griffith feelin funky

Jay Griffith sings his heart out

Rob Griffith shows his soft side

Thomas "Babe" Griffith

Jay Griffith jamming

Taylor and Jay


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