>Rude Awakening(s)


Yesterday was an average night. There wasn’t much going on, so I decided to go to bed a little bit early.

“Maybe I’ll get caught up on some much needed rest,” I thought.

With that in mind, I took some hydro and hit the hay. I had absolutely no problems going to sleep- I had stayed out till 2 or 3 AM every night for the past week. Once I was out, the meds kept me out.  I was in for a great night of sleep.

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agle” – Robert Burns, “To a Mouse”

Mr. Sandman had other plans for me. I had forgotten to turn off my two alarms on my iPhone. This was not a fun discovery to make especially at 5:00 AM. Frustrated with myself, I tried to go back to sleep. 4 hours later, I woke up to moaning and groaning right outside my window. What was going on? Apparently   a group of 8 guys randomly decided to call out the name of a friend as if they were zombies. After being woken up for a second time, I was very close to helping them become part of the ‘living dead’. I restrained my anger and let them pass unharmed. Back to sleep.

30 minutes later…

Well, I was able to sleep. I was also able to dream. Guess what I dreamed about! Yep… Zombies attacking me. Thank you annoying indies!! Your antics woke me up yet again. Despite multiple disruptions, I was determined to get my rest, so I went back to sleep.

Could this attempt last very long? Of course not! Within 20 minutes of being asleep, I was once again awake. Why? The blacklight hanging over my window decided to fall and shatter all over my bed.

My white flag was out and waving wildly. I surrendered.

Just one more sleepless night…


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