>Reflection: Perspective


I think… I think… I think… 
Therefore it is.
This is how most of us live our lives. We constantly see things our way, having no reserve for other options. No new or unique ideas may be presented to us because our stubborn minds are so resistant to being incorrect. We are taught as we grow up to be confident in what we believe, to make decisions for ourselves, and to believe that truth is relative to the individual. This is flawed. The world around us is not what we define it to be. Truth is not always as simple as an idea concocted by each person. We cannot rely on our own ideas and our own definitions of truth to find the real truth. We must observe. We verify our unfounded conclusions. The world is not always as we see it and we must constantly view things from a different perspective. 
The following clip is from the movie The Dead Poets Society. In this scene, John Keating (played by Robin Williams) explains this idea of exploring a different perspective:

Remember the photograph displayed at the beginning of this post? Take a closer look at it. Notice the ripples within the trees on the right. What you are seeing is a reflection of a line of trees in a pond. Below is the photo rotated 180′.


“I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way…” -Keating (DPS)

Do this, and you might find that the world looks very different than you originally thought.


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