>Dear Mom,


I sit alone, hundreds of miles away from your warm and comforting arms. Your smile cannot reassure me, your hands can not hold me; but your voice remains audible every day. Your words teach me, guide me, lift me up, and give me confidence that I can accomplish the greatest of things.

You have been a mentor– proving instruction and suggestions that will aid me in crucial decisions. 
You have been a therapist– hearing my complaints and taking on the burden of my stress.
You have been a tutor– assisting me with problematic subjects. 
You have been a physician– nursing me back to health despite any wound the world could hit me with. 
You have been a lawyer– defending me when wrongly accused. 
You have been a guardian– protecting me from all attempted assault. 
You have been a caterer– satisfying the needs of countless friends under virtually any circumstance. 
You have been a coach– encouraging me to have fun but pushing me towards the best I can be.
You have been a judge– correcting unsatisfactory behavior and showing me the right path to take. 
You have been a comedian– providing comic relief when all I need to do is laugh a little. 
You have been a designer– giving me new thoughts and ideas for how to improve my life.
You have been a seamstress– tying up loose ends and mending my frayed edges. 
You have been a minister– virtuously serving me and leading me in the paths of righteousness.
You have been a confidante– willingly hearing and securing my deepest fears and desires.

You have been all of these amazing things, but greatest of all:

You have been my MOM!


You are altogether lovely. You have always been exactly what I needed when I needed it. I know without a doubt that I will never find myself in a situation when you aren’t all I need you to be. I love you for all that you do, but most of all I love you for loving me. After all you have done, I could never ask any more from you… but to HAVE A GREAT MOTHER’S DAY!!! 🙂 

With Love, 
Your Son

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