>The Light Chasing Darkness


Darkness closes in; Light fades away.
No… Please, NO!!! 
I can’t see, I can’t stand, I can’t move forward!
I lie curled up on the floor cold and alone:
Oppressed by insignificance and surrounded by nothingness.
Terror and horror floods my thoughts.
I suffocate, choking more with each surge:
Helpless, hopeless.
Light, please return!
Grant me one last breath of Your grace!
Revive my body with Your incessant energy;
Renew my mind with Your warmth,
Yes… Return to me!
I am at Your mercy…
Chasing away all Darkness, the Light spares me.
He drives out all fear: ushering in hope that refreshes all that He encompasses. 
I can see… Yes, I can see.
Light, guide my sole. 
Brighten my path in the midst of the obscurity imparted by Darkness.
Restore my soul so that all may see Your light. 
Lead my mind to thoughts benign. 
I will carry You.
You will be unobstructed.
Your guidance and warmth will shine through me,
And I will reflect the rays of  hope inherent in Your nature. 
All who see me will see the Light.
Please shine through me!
I do not wish to be seen,
I only wish for others to see You as I have!
Shine, Light, in the midst of Darkness as you always have. 

2 thoughts on “>The Light Chasing Darkness

  1. >I'm actually very pleased to have remembered what I wanted to say. These were my thoughts two nights ago. I wanted to write them down but was simply too lazy and tired to get my computer. It Did come from my heart and soul though, so remembering the gist of it wasn't all that difficult. Thanks for reading!

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