>The ‘True Hobo’

>One of the things that I enjoy doing is driving aimlessly in search of sights I have never seen before. I usually do this because: 1. I am frustrated and need to get away or 2. I am bored and want to go exploring.

When I go for a drive, I am typically doing a multitude of things that I love most. I am driving a truck that I have had since I got my drivers license, I am surrounding myself by nature, I am exploring, and I am usually taking photos along the way.

While on one of these random driving adventures, I came across an old caboose. It had been made into an office from which the nearby train yard could be managed. This sparked my interest. This find was an exciting one to me for a few reasons.

 For one, my grandfather collected and built miniature train sets with which I played as a child. In some ways, playing on a life-size train took me back to my early childhood. The other reason I was interested in exploring this location comes from a more recent characteristic of mine. I have more of a rustic appearance than most people where I live. It is so distinguished that many people have been inclined to compare me to a hobo. Maybe it is the worn looking clothing I wear, or perhaps it is my beard. Who knows? I don’t mind. One of the things that has kept me from being known as a ‘true hobo’ was the idea that I had never been train hopping….

Here was my chance.

Below are some pictures from my adventure and quest towards being a true hobo. (Yes, I literally hopped from one train another, thereby completing that goal)


2 thoughts on “>The ‘True Hobo’

  1. >You are something else! The photos are really good. I would not characterize you as a hobo, just adventurer. Curiousity has always been one of your strong traits. Have fun! Your grandfather did not have any idea that sharing his trains with you would lead to your "train hopping"

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