>Read the Job Description

>I have discovered an interesting problem within the American system of higher education. There is an unflattering number of teachers/professors who do not understand or do not practice what it means to be a teacher. At first, I thought that perhaps this problem was simply a minute glitch. However, after speaking with multiple other students, it became evident that this glitch in the system was larger than I had originally concluded.

It appears to me that teachers are getting their job descriptions confused with those of speakers. A speaker’s job is to inform or persuade the listener regarding the subject matter. A professor’s job is to inform and educate. Teachers seem to comprehend the ‘inform’ part of their job descriptions. What many fail in doing is the education. There are some aspects of performance that can occasionally be inadequate in certain job positions. Education is not one that can slide when it comes to being a teacher. It is time that our educators re-evaluate what it is that they are accomplishing and what their goals are. Check the job description.

Time after time I sit through courses in which students beg for assistance with applying the information that is being thrown at them. Time after time I hear the professors decline their requests:

 “I don’t really have time for that. We have to keep moving forward. Maybe I’ll go over it some other time.”

This statement would be perfectly acceptable if the professor would follow up with the students with questions at another time. Sadly, in the majority of cases that I have witnessed, this step is rarely taken. This lack of effort is unacceptable, but some students look past it. I will not be the one to do so. I do not pay thousands of dollars every year to be spoken to. I pay thousands of dollars each year to be educated. If I do not receive what I am paying for, I refuse to be the moron who lets it slide.

I am not saying that this applies to all educators. I am not even saying that this applies to a majority of educators. I am simply pointing out that there is a substantial amount of professors who do not do their jobs correctly and should perhaps rethink their careers. There is nothing wrong with being a speaker or informant, but there is a lot wrong with  leaving out the assistance part of education.

Dear Educators,

Do us a favor and check the job description… make sure you understand it clearly. If you can’t manage its requirements, then do something more productive with your efforts. 



Skylar Macrae
Concerned Student

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