>Maiden Post

>I wonder how many blogs are started due to boredom… Just a thought.
Well, this is my first post on Eyes and Ears. The purpose of this post is primarily to inform readers of what to expect from my blog. There will be no set standard of what can be included in posts. They could range from one-line ideas to photos linked to memories of moments past. This blog may serve as a convenient diary from time to time, or a method of venting because of daily frustrations. I can’t and wont promise that every post on this blog will be enjoyable to read, but i can promise that everything that I say will be open, honest, and upfront. I have all intentions to make this as random as possible, because being random is part of who I am. It makes things more interesting. Please feel free to comment on any of the postings on this page. Try to keep it clean, honest, and intentional. Comments and questions are welcome… yes even snide remarks if they are witty enough. Please enjoy Eyes and Ears,  and if you find it impossible to do so, there are plenty more blogs out there that probably could.
Anywho… I don’t intend to ramble. Thanks for listening!
-Skylar Macrae


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